T2 Center hosts pilot session of Road Safety 365

                           ( photo courtesy of Jeff Bagdade, P.E.)


On November 30, 2010, we hosted a session of FHWA’s new training course – Road Safety 365 for Local Government Agencies.  The class focused on integrating safety into all aspects of roadway management; from design through maintenance.  Instructors Jeff Bagdade, P.E. and Dr. Ron Eck, Ph.D., P.E. taught participants to “read the road” when assessing trouble areas and to empower all agency staff to report any roadway safety issues they see as they travel during their workday.  Signage, striping, roadside vegetation, and road surface quality were the main areas noted during the presentation.  Many low cost treatments were discussed, illustrating how safety can be a priority for any budget.

We would like to thank FHWA’s Office of Safety for choosing Connecticut to host a pilot session and allowing us to bring this important information to our communities.  The session was very well received by all participants and we will be holding another session in 2011 so stay tuned for dates.

About Connecticut T2 Center

The Training & Technical Assistance Center at UCONN provides education and technical assistance to members of Connecticut's Transportation and Public Safety Community, including municipal public works directors, street and road maintenance superintendents and staff, city and town engineers, Connecticut Department of Transportation employees, transportation planners and law enforcement professionals serving as legal traffic authorities. We are Connecticut's LTAP Center
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