2015 Connecticut Creative Solutions Award Winners!

This Year we have two Winners!!!! Read Below about the Town of Bloomfield’s Construction Trailer and the Town of Monroe’s Backflow Prevention/Water Meter

Construction Trailer
Town of Bloomfield

Creative Solutions 2015

Problem Identified: The Town saw inefficiencies in their preparation and clean up of jobs. In many cases, multiple trips to the garage were required to collect forgotten tools and clean up took too long and tools were often misplaced at the end of the day.

Solution: They came up with an idea to design a construction trailer. It is a landscape style trailer that holds all of their equipment in one spot. The ramp allows all of the wheeled equipment to be loaded and unloaded with ease; reducing risk to staff. It is also equipped with a 25 gallon water tank to supply the road saw, rock saw and demo saw and provides additional support for the mason truck and clean up. A toolbox mounted solar panel aids in keeping trailer safety strobe lights on at all times – even if not connected to the truck

Benefit: The town has seen a great improvement on efficiency and a reduction in wasted time making multiple trips to the garage. Tools are much easier to find and the trailer streamlines their operations significantly; increasing flexibility (the trailer can be towed by any truck) and mobility of their operations (can be left at job site with workers while truck is used for other things throughout the day).

Backflow Preventer/Water Meter
Town of Monroe


Problem Identified: The Town is required to meter the water they use for sweepers, tanker trucks and other high volume use. The water company also requires them to have a backflow preventer. Because it is used all the time, they store the meter inside so that it is easily accessible to the staff. It cannot be stored outside due to the expense of the equipment and concerns of theft.

Solution: The department created a “wagon” that can be hand pulled or pushed by one person and carries the water meter and backflow preventer. The system can then be pulled to a fire hydrant and used to fill tanks.

Benefit: It works safely and efficiently with one employee. The water meter equipment is secure and risk of injury from lifting and moving the equipment is greatly reduced.

2015’s Honorable Mention:
Town of New Milford earned an Honorable Mention for their Bench Top Street Light Tester. This device was developed to test street lights in the shop prior to installation in the field.

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