2018 Connecticut Creative Solutions Award Winners

Winter Operations Pre-wetting System Backflush Apparatus

Town of Cheshire

Problem Statement:  If pre-wetting system on the truck is not flushed between storms and at the end of the season, harsh snow fighting chemicals can damage the system and the filter pump can seize.cheshire.csw.1.2

Solution:  A valve and coupler was installed on each system to isolate the pump and filter and allow fleet personnel to flush system with water to clean harsh chemicals out and also add an RV antifreeze with lubricant to the system for seasonal storage and maintenance.

Cost Estimate: Approximately $50 for valve, fitting and hose and one hour of labor to install.

Benefit:  Over the last few seasons, at least 5 pumps needed to be replaced or repaired to make the wetting system work.  These repairs took an average of two hours and cost $300-500 per pump in addition to having the equipment out of service.

Contact: Rich Kaczer, Fleet Manager, Town of Cheshire, rkaczer@cheshirect.org, 203-699-9404

Undercarriage Washing System

Town of South Windsor

Problem Statement:  Harsh snow fighting chemicals collect on winter operations equipment, causing corrosion and damage and make it difficult for mechanics to maintain the equipment.  Washing and rinsing is helpful but is especially difficult to do for the undercarriage of vehicles.

Solution:  A drive over flushing system was designed using Pressure treated 4x4s were connected using metal strapping and screws to create protection for PVC pipe.  Quarter inch holes were drilled into the pipe to provide a low pressure mash flush capability.  Fleet vehicles drive over the system, flushing the chlorides off the equipment and creating a welcome environment for maintenance and repair.  The entire system is connected to a two inch water service using a section of fire hose.

cs.sw.2018.1 cs.sw.2018.2

Cost estimate:  $300-400 in materials

Benefit:  The system has gone through well over 1000 cycles and continues to provide excellent service for the 30+ fleet vehicles during each winter operations activity.  Keeping the fleet clean allows for timely service and extension of service life of the equipment.

Contact: Leon Clough, Fleet Manager, Town of South Windsor, leon.clough@southwindsor.org, 860-648-6366

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