Warren’s Words of Wisdom: Storm Story



One decent sized tree + water soaked ground + wind
= down tree on wires


Out of sight, around a curve, 4 spans away from the tree, three primary wires came downstorm_story_3

Unseen from the tree, primary on cable guard rail


Primary down on metal guard rail

  • Wires (primary or secondary) on guard rails will energize them for the entire run (touch potential) and energize the ground at every post (step potential) 
  • Tree was energized (touch and step potential) 
  • Damaged pole was energized (step and touch potential)

Lessons to Be Learned

  • During storms or pole-damaging events (such as car hits), hazards can be hiding around a corner or over a hill.
  • Block off roads with down wires beyond the end of guard rail runs.
  • Even if wires are still up on the pole, they could have been pulled out of the insulators and are energizing the poles.
  • Phone and cable wires will ALWAYS be energized; they have battery back-up power systems.
  • Never trust any wire to be safe.
  • Phone and cable wires have a tremendous amount of stored energy; leave the tree removal to the utility crews. 



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