New T2 Training Program: Traffic Signal Technician Certificate Program

New T2 Training Program: Traffic Signal Technician Certificate Program

The T2 Center will soon add a Traffic Signal Technician Certificate Program to its list of offerings. The program consists of a series of workshops designed to provide Connecticut’s municipal traffic signal personnel with knowledge of the fundamentals of traffic signal maintenance and operations procedures and techniques. The program will be of interest to new municipal traffic signal technicians and those who wish to assume the position in the future.  

Connecticut municipalities have expressed a need for trained, qualified professionals to maintain the specialized and increasingly technical traffic signal systems that contribute to the safety and efficiency of our transportation network. Operating and maintaining this significant infrastructure investment requires a force of municipal personnel with sound training in the fundamentals of traffic signal maintenance procedures and techniques. The Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician Program will provide an opportunity for municipal traffic signal technicians to receive this specialized training. 

Those who complete the Traffic Signal Technician I and Traffic Signal Technician II curriculum will be awarded the Connecticut Traffic Signal Technician I or Traffic Signal Technician II Certificate. These certificates recognize a participant’s successful completion of the program and attest to his or her knowledge of the fundamentals of traffic signal maintenance procedures and techniques. 

The overall structure of the program is under development, but topics will include:

  • Basics of Traffic Signal Operations
  • Reading Traffic Signal Plans
  • Work Zone Safety and Basic Electricity
  • Field Operations
  • Cabinet Field Repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Controller Programming
  • Detection
  • Construction Inspection
  • Coordinated Signal Timing Concepts

More information on the required credits, cost, and schedule of the program will soon be announced.

About Connecticut T2 Center

The Training & Technical Assistance Center at UCONN provides education and technical assistance to members of Connecticut's Transportation and Public Safety Community, including municipal public works directors, street and road maintenance superintendents and staff, city and town engineers, Connecticut Department of Transportation employees, transportation planners and law enforcement professionals serving as legal traffic authorities. We are Connecticut's LTAP Center
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