The Right Tool for the Right Job!

The Right Tool for the Right Job!

“Use the right tool for the job” is common-sense advice that applies to a wide range of situations. Your employees are only as good as the tools you provide for them to effectively and efficiently do their work. The right tools also provide opportunities for your employees to expand their range of skills and capabilities.

What do I mean by tools? I mean any equipment or resources needed to complete a task. When we think of Public Works Operations, many tools come to mind, but I am pretty sure a computer camera and a microphone might not typically be two of them.

As the T2 Center team has been navigating the world of training during COVID-19, we are finding that some of our trainings, particularly those in the leadership program, translate very well to a virtual platform (I know, we would rather be with you in person too, but for the time being it seems to work well). We are finding, however, that those who have access to computers and the appropriate accessories are being able to more effectively participate in the learning process. If you are allowing them time to participate in the training, we know you want them to make the most out of their experience.

Fearing your employees might not want to ask you for additional equipment, I wanted to bring this to your attention as leaders of your agencies. For a very small investment (less than $100), you could add a microphone and camera to a computer and designate it for use in virtual training. I am confident your employees will have a better experience and be able to focus instead on learning, not a technical challenge.

Take good care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you both in-person and virtually in 2021.

About Connecticut T2 Center

The Training & Technical Assistance Center at UCONN provides education and technical assistance to members of Connecticut's Transportation and Public Safety Community, including municipal public works directors, street and road maintenance superintendents and staff, city and town engineers, Connecticut Department of Transportation employees, transportation planners and law enforcement professionals serving as legal traffic authorities. We are Connecticut's LTAP Center
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