Safety Matters: Speed Display/Driver Feedback Sign Program

safety_matters_logoSpeed Display/Driver Feedback Sign Program

The T2 Center, working in cooperation with CTDOT, is pleased to announce a new program aimed at reducing fatal and serious-injury speed-related crashes on rural town-owned roadways. The Speed Display/Driver Feedback Sign Program will provide 119 Connecticut municipalities with two speed display signs each, at no cost to the town, over the course of the next two years.

sm_1_9.2020_useAnalysis of CT crash records from 2016–2019 showed that fifty percent (50%) of fatal and serious-injury crashes, where “exceeded speed limit” or “too fast for conditions” was a contributing factor, occurred on a rural town-owned road. By using a systemic approach and installing speed display signs on roads with similar characteristics, we can be proactive in addressing these types of crashes.

This exciting new program includes delivery of the signs to each identified location, training on the benefit and use of the signs, assistance with installation and monitoring of the signs, and data reporting. Regional Speed Management trainings will also be offered, at no cost, to provide local public works and engineering professionals the opportunity to learn from each other about programs that are underway in Connecticut to address speed management issues. Attending a Regional training is not a requirement to receive the signs but it is strongly encouraged as an important aspect of an overall speed management plan.

I will be contacting the identified towns in the near future to begin working with them on this exciting program.

For more information and assistance with local road safety in your community, contact Melissa Evans, Safety Circuit Rider, at

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